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• 7/25/2015

Random stuff

Hi it's rini and I love life with boys and I think ur so cute
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• 2/15/2015

Tess Foster

I'm a girl and I think Tori Webster is sooo hot!
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• 1/13/2014

What would u say to tori if u met her

I would be normal but so excited
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• 12/15/2013

Cameron Kennedy on Life with Boys

Okay. I don't get it. How come I have not seen season two of life with boys. And it drives me CRAZY! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Anyway, I heard that Cameron Kennedy from my babysitter's a vampire is going to be on the show. So, how come I have not seen this episode? Has season two ever been showed in the U.S? Has anyone seen the episode? I haven't heard from Cameron in a long time and I'm starting to get attached to a lot of Canadian shows. During please tell me what happened to this episode. I need to know what happened.
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• 10/27/2013

Adams laugh

Whats with Adams laugh it sounds like a a donkey is dieing
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• 8/24/2013


Hey, everyone.
Yes, you have read this correctly. I am resigning. Why? Well, there's more reasons. 1) My personal life is a hot mess lol. I need to focus on my real life, and not the computer one. 2) I kinda lost interest in this show. I haven't seen an episode of it in like 3 months or something. 3) It makes me feel horrible knowing that I've been working on this Wiki for so long (I've been an admin for 3 months now) and I did so much on it, to get it popular and stuff, yet it's so dead. It makes my heart just break. 
I know that this is horrible, but try to understand me. I'll still contribute on this Wiki every once in a while, but not as much as I do now. I'm demoting myself right after I publish this and promote some admins into bureaucrats. The admins I'm promoting are 100Emi123 and NYCgleek. 
Good luck running the Wiki! :)
Love, Barbara.
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• 8/1/2013


tess is a nice girl
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• 7/16/2013

Bobby Parelli

Bobby is super hot!!!!! I want him for myself!!
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• 6/25/2013

Life With Boys

Life With Boys is a really good show, and Life With Boys could do a Halloween episode!
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• 5/26/2013

his laugh

his laugh is funny
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• 5/14/2013

I have been granted bureaucrat rights!

On Monday, 13th of May 2013 I have been granted bureaucrat rights! Merrystar gave me the rights and I demoted all the unactive admins. I am now the head admin. Since me (and Jericho*) are the only admins here, we need more. So, any of you who want to become admins, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! Reply right here, on this thread, and you might get your chance! ;) Nominate a user who truly deserves to be an admin and who will improve this Wiki. You can also nominate yourself.
* Jericho has stated that he would like to keep his admin rights and he promised to be active. I have decided to keep him in the place of an admin.

You must have atleast 100 edits.
You must be ranked #15 or better on the Special:Leaderboard.
You must be an often contributor.
  ^ Exceptions can be made.
Nominations are now open. Please see this to see how voting works (to {{Neutral}}). 
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This post is locked.
• 5/6/2013

Alless Shipping?

Why can't there be a little mention on the romantic pairing of Tess and Allie? I know it's totally un-canon but it has been shipped before.
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• 5/5/2013

Adoption of this Wiki

Hello, fellow Wikians!
As you all know, I have got admin rights here on March 3rd 2013. I have recently gave an adoption request to get bureaucrat rights here so I can demote all the inactive administrators and give admin rights to users who will be active here. I have decided to write this so people who come here see that I will do this when I get bureaucrat rights. I really want to promote this Wiki, and the fact that there is only 1 active admin from 4 of them is sad and tells us this Wikia won't be getting any better. TIME FOR A CHANGE.
Thank you.
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