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• 5/14/2013

I have been granted bureaucrat rights!

On Monday, 13th of May 2013 I have been granted bureaucrat rights! Merrystar gave me the rights and I demoted all the unactive admins. I am now the head admin. Since me (and Jericho*) are the only admins here, we need more. So, any of you who want to become admins, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! Reply right here, on this thread, and you might get your chance! ;) Nominate a user who truly deserves to be an admin and who will improve this Wiki. You can also nominate yourself.

Jericho has stated that he would like to keep his admin rights and he promised to be active. I have decided to keep him in the place of an admin.


  • You must have atleast 100 edits.
  • You must be an often contributor.

  ^ Exceptions can be made.

Nominations are now open. Please see this to see how voting works (to {{Neutral}}). 



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• 5/18/2013

I nominate ArianaGrandeForever (myself) for admin rights. I used to be a very active user over here before Barbii came. Currently I have 100 edits and am #4 on the leaderboard. I had a hiatus for a long time but I came back.

Thanks <3

• 5/18/2013

Yay, one nomination! :) NYCgleek also wants to be an admin, but she hasn't nominated herself officially yet. :) Good luck! :D

Support Support — I think you have great admin experience on a lot of Wikias and you are an often contributor everywhere so I think you will do great here too. :) I vote yes. barbara♡

• 5/19/2013

Thank you so much, Barbii :)

• 5/19/2013

You're welcome. :) ^.^ 

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