A Wonderful Life
A Wonderful Life, Life with boys
Song by Katia Zuccarelli
Released: 2011
Episode: All
Previous: None
Seasons 1 and 2
Life With Boys Season 1 Intro

Life With Boys Season 1 Intro

Life With Boys Season 2 Intro

Life With Boys Season 2 Intro

"A Wonderful Life" is the theme song of Life with Boys. It is sung by Katia Zuccarelli.

A mixed somewhat extended version of the shows theme was made and released featuring a bit of the ending instrumentals which is now available for free downloading and listening, here.


Ohhhhh ohhhh Feels like I'm caught in the middle.
Drama comes with every new day.
So if I don't fall, I'm walking a tightrope.
But I wouldn't have it any other way.

We're gonna put one foot in front of the other.
Get tripped up and step for one another.
We move ahead and try to keep it on track.
'Cause we know that we got each others' back.

Don't need to fight it, no need to deny.

It's a crazy life, a random life, a Wonderful Life!