Tess and Bobby

Paired Characters

Tess Foster and Bobby Parelli

Length of Relationship

40-60 days, 2012


Rivals, Ex-Boyfriend/Ex-Girlfriend

Similar Interests/Hobbies

Wrestling, Kung Fu, Movies, Baseball

Tebby is the rivaly and romantic pairing of Tess Foster and Bobby Parelli (Te/ss and Bo\bby).

Tess and Bobby started off as rivals in wrestling, then it soon led up to them becoming closer and eventually dating. They broke up after a relationship consisting of at least forty to sixty days (as mentioned by Allie) after Bobby lied to Tess, saying he was sick to avoid going to a baseball game with her, but actually going with his cousin. He was soon found swapping numbers with a girl in the stands and she gets her revenge. In the proceeding episode, Tess finds it hard to get over Bobby, and then suddenly loads of boys in her school try to ask her out, but she refuses as she claims she isn't ready for another relationship just yet, as she's still in the shadow of her previous one.


Disarmed with Boys

  • It is discovered that Tess and Bobby are enemies.
  • They were acting really competitive and didn't want for the other one to win.
  • They didn't wrestle on the end because they couldn't and seemed okay with it.

Trouble with Boys

  • They can't stand each other but they went out with Allie because they both care about her.
  • After their conversation, Bobby fell in love with Tess.
  • Bobby kissed Tess and it seemed like they both enjoyed it.
  • At the end Bobby said that he feels like all is his fault.

Headline text Edit

hey try to hide it but now bobby is done with Allie but does not say anything till later

Double Trouble with Boys

  • Tess continues going out with Bobby.
  • They try to make their relationship a secret.

When Something Better Comes Along with Boys

  • Tess and Bobby keep meeting and Tess is with him all the time.
  • Tess felt bad for Bobby "being sick".
  • When she saw Bobby on the game, she felt bad because he lied to her.
  • She decided to forgive him because she likes him.
  • When she saw Bobby giving his number to another girl, she was mad and got her revenge.

Hitting the Breaks with Boys

  • Tess didn't want to start a new relationship because she still didn't get over Bobby.